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Elizabeth Novotny

Elizabeth Novotny is a voice actress from Wisconsin. Her work can be heard in indie games, indie animation projects, visual novel games and mobile apps. Her work is best known for Kiss of War, Near and Far and Aron's Adventure.

Studio Specs

Microphone: Stellar X2 Vintage


Audio Interface: Solid State Logic 2


DAW: Adobe Audition, Audacity Version 2.2.0, (RX 7 Standard for editing)


Connectivity: Zoom, Skype, Discord


Booth: I built my recording space using plywood and 2 by 4 wood and created walls insulated with 2in foam board and 2in acoustic treatment panels that are placed on the foam board inside. 

Video Game Sample

Video Game Sample
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Animation Sample
Animation Sample
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"I’m very happy that Elizabeth was a part of my project, she is a very professional Voice Artist who delivers great results in a quick and efficient manner! She’s also a kind and helpful person, so if you’re looking for a talented VA, I would highly recommend her for your project! Thanks again Elizabeth!"

- NerdyBird Studios

"Elizabeth does an amazing job as the Sorceress Strega in my upcoming animated miniseries, "Dog Days of Duplicity". Her lines were delivered well before the deadline with great audio quality and fabulous energy! She has exactly the voice we were looking for and has definitely brought a ton of character to her role. Highly recommend!"

- Sally Basler

"I worked with Elizabeth in 2019-2020. She volunteered and assisted me with Allure Igor, an elder female character with a booming voice. Her performance was to the point where I couldn't hear Allure's voice in any other way.


Here now in 2023, Elizabeth played a character named Ombretta, a teenage girl with a softer spoken voice. It's as I said. I thought Elizabeth was amazing before. But after hearing her here, I was shocked. I thought to myself, I didn't think she could improve anymore! But I was wrong.


Lastly, I have to mention the level of professionalism shown within her final edits. Her production value is top tier. Can't put it any other way. Would I suggest working with Elizabeth? Absolutely! She's friendly, upbeat, and is a joy to work with. You won't regret it :)"

- Justin Jay  (Author of The Other Side Series)

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